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Our History—American Heritage

By Michael J. Cogliandro

My Dad started M. C. Machine in 1958 in a barn near our present location. He had a few machines and was doing machining on plastic and metal. He bought 98 Mill Street soon after and began to clean out the building.

The building was a blacksmith shop, and they forged and machined spindles for looms. It was powered by a water wheel and belts to drive the machinery. It had no electricity!! He cleaned everything out and installed electricity and plumbing.

He moved his machines from the barn and started a short time later. He had experience working in larger shops as a foreman and supervisor and used his knowledge to begin his business.

In the early 70s, he started to do prime contracts for the Government by bidding on machined components. He had to do a lot of paperwork and provide the Government inspectors with certifications and inspection reports on the parts. As the volume of business grew, he added on to the building and purchased more equipment.

In the early 80’s I began running the business with him, and we purchased automatic screw machines to make our plastic bolts and nuts. As years went on, we stopped doing government contracts and concentrated on machining parts for new customers. As the years passed, we got more involved in CNC machining and sold our Automatic Screw Machines.

The area of the machine shop is called “Spindleville.”

Founding Photo in 1958