M. C. Machine Co., Inc.


Precision Machining the Products You Require

At M. C. Machine Co., Inc., we are a full-service organization with several specialized precision machining capabilities that allow us to create products to exact tolerances and shapes. The range of skills and materials we offer are shown below.

Machined Plastic Parts
Metal Plate
Black Metal Part
Gray Plastic Parts
Metal Disc

CNC Skills

  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling

Electronic Hardware

  • Round Spacers
  • Hex Spacers
Round Spacer

Plastic Fasteners

  • Hex Head Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Locknuts
  • Cap Screws
  • Set Screws
  • Threaded Rod
  • Carriage Bolts
  • Double Ended Studs
  • Machined Set Screws
  • Threaded Rod
  • Carriage Bolts
  • Cap Screws
  • Washers, Nuts
  • Double Ended Studs
  • Locknuts
  • Plastic Fasteners
  • Plastic Products
  • Machining Plastics
  • Machined Plastic Hex Head Bolts
  • Machined PVC Plastic Hex Head Bolts
  • PVC Bolts
  • CPVC Nuts
  • Threaded Rod Plastic
  • Polypropylene Bolts
  • CNC Milling Plastics
  • CPVC Bolts
  • Plastic Threaded Rods

As a full-service organization, you can count on us for numerous special services and products. Contact Us to find out more.

As a full-service organization, you can count on us for numerous special services and products, including:

  • Plastic Fasteners
  • CPVC Nuts/Bolts
  • CNC Milling Plastics
  • Plastic Threaded Rods
  • Polypropylene/PVC Bolts
  • Machined PVC/Plastic Hex Head Bolts

The Machining Skills You Need for Your Project

Regardless of what your project requires, we have the specific machining skills to bring your product design to life. Our technicians are unmatched when it comes to drilling, turning, tapping, milling, threading, boring, forming, and reaming.

Make us your source for machined metal and plastic components to meet your electrical, mechanical, chemical, and thermal requirements. Our products match all aerospace, commercial, military, and federal standards.

Precision Machining

Our shop is fully equipped with modern, up-to-date equipment staffed by highly skilled personnel, enabling us to create precision parts to exact specifications.

This combination of technology and skilled workers let us machine all metals and plastics, such as PVC, polypropylene, CPVC, Kynar, polyethylene, aluminum, stainless steel, steel, and other materials on request.

We have an engineering department fully experienced in developing low-cost production procedures and can make items affordably in small or large runs. Our engineers, programming capabilities, and decades of practical machining expertise let us take full advantage of the production capability of our computerized machining centers.

You can request a quote today or send us your blueprint, sketch, or plans, email, or regular post for our immediate attention and service.

Stringent Quality Control

We meet your quality and inspection requirements with an emphasis on a zero-defect program and low A.Q.L. levels. Our quality control procedures include stringent in-process parts inspection and carefully controlled final inspection with complete documentation.

Military Specifications

The thorough knowledge of government and military specifications lets us assist prime contractors in component production. Our experience in military materials, inspection, packaging, and handling is valuable to customers. All our products meet stringent aerospace, commercial, military, and other federal requirements.

CNC Machining

We are a job shop with CNC lathes and milling that specializes in but is not limited to, CNC machining plastics. The various markets that we serve include:

  • Mechanical Testing Machines
  • Sailboat and Marine Hardware
  • Security Equipment
  • Industrial Microwaves
  • Industrial Fasteners and Components
  • Plastic Products & Distributors
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Machined Parts

  • Plastics
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Other materials

Some of Our Machines

  • HAAS CNC Mini Mill
  • MHP S-24 CNC Millers
  • MHP Turnex 2 CNC Lathes

More About Our Capabilities

Our team is very familiar with KANBAN and Ship to Stock. We offer many ways to serve our customers better. We outsource some operations to approved subcontractors, such as:

  • Heat Treating
  • Anodizing
  • Other Operations as Necessary

Contact us to request a quote.