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PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride Resins have exceptional resistance to such chemicals as: acids, alkalis, and alcohols.  They are non-oxidizing, self-extinguishing, and insoluble in most chemicals.
CPVC: Extends the toughness and other excellent properties inherent with PVC to a wider range of products and applications.  Because CPVC retains physical properties at temperatures well above the capacities of many thermoplastics and has US-94 V-O capacity in thin sections, its use has been specified for a variety of extruded products.  The design flexibility of CVPC and its mechanical stability across a wide temperature range (heat distortion temperature from 184o to 205oF) make it a proven alternative to aluminum extrusions.
Polypropylene: Mechanical has a higher tensile strength than high density polyethylenes, good impact strength and remarkably high compressive strength.  Good dimensional stability and surface hardness, excellent abrasion resistance.  Polypropylene has high heat resistance and even at high frequencies, exhibits excellent dielectric properties easily machined at relatively high speeds on conventional machine tools.-
In addition, new materials are being developed every day, and existing materials are constantly being improved for even better performance.  For quality fasteners of the best material for your specific application, don't hesitate to contact us.

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